“Worse than being less than you, is if you are perceived as a threat” – John A. Powell

We all grew up in certain places, and we all pick up certain attitudes. We all carry the baggage of bias. That in and of itself is not a problem. The problem becomes, what do we do with the baggage we carry. We are often not aware of these biases. Research on many fronts have shown that years of structural and cultural systems have deeply embedded stereotypes into our culture, and consequently into our own subconscious.

Today’s focus is a personal reflection – taking the time to uncover some of our own biases and reflecting on how we can take control of them. Join Pastor Criss Mitchell as he shares from the topic.


Watch, read, or listen as Pastor Criss Mitchell talk help us to Uncover Personal Racial Bias.

Watch this video where CNN journalist Van Jones gives a brief overview of implicit bias and references some of the ways it has manifested in recent events.