The 20-Day Reconciliation Community Challenge is part of the initiative Reconciliation: Race, Justice, and the Gospel, a group of Pastors and Christian leaders in Anchorage, Alaska striving to speak with one voice, maintain unity in the body of Christ, and build relationships across ethnicity.
What is the 20-day R C C?

The 20 Day Reconciliation Community Challenge  is a personal commitment to devote 5-15 minutes a day, for 20 days, to listen, learn, and understand the ways that prejudice, preference, privilege, and presumptions appear in our lives every day.

Positive change can occur in our community, state, and the world when we are aware of and understand how racial and social justice issues shape our lived experiences.

It will be an enlightening journey for everyone – offering new perspectives, examples and tools of how you can help in reconciliation and build a more just and equitable community where you live.

We encourage everyone to share their participation with family, friends, co-workers, employees, churches, organizations, etc. All personal information will remain confidential.

How it works



Every morning for 5 days (weekdays only) of the 20-Day RCC, enrolled participants will receive an email containing links to presentations, videos, and/or podcasts that are 5-15 minutes long.



Participants can share reflections and “insightful” moments on Facebook, a privately monitored Facebook group (20-Day Reconciliation Community Challenge), that will be available for more in-depth discussions.



Topics will include a downloadable discussion guide with biblical instructions to help participants explore topics further with others.